FRIDAY, DEC 29th, 2017

First of all, we have some exciting news... we are pregnant!!! Due July 2018, so I really want to focus on eating healthy as my goal for 2018. I am guilty of being too busy to eat healthy, but I'm working hard to change my habits! At home I do some simple things like smoothies my toddler and I have with breakfast. I also love making different quinoa salads for lunches. I like to keep a lot of fresh produce in the house so we remember to eat our fruits and veggies!

A big help for me is having a great place to grab a healthy meal for myself and my son Eli when I'm out running errands or just want to grab some food on the go! Evergreens has been one of my favorite spots and I can honestly say I crave their salads! I found them when I worked in downtown Seattle at Nordstrom Corporate. They were right next door, and I made that my place to eat out when I didn't pack a lunch.

So if you live in the Seattle area, check this link to find one near you I love to shop at U Village, so that is probably the location I visit the most, but they are opening more closer to where I live on the East Side. They just opened their first in Bellevue. Eli and I just went to check it out last week.

My favorite salad (Eli will also eat) is the El Sombrero with Chicken, and recently, I was just introduced to the Spicy + Kale Caesar with Chicken, which is also AMAZING! They make the salads or wraps right in front of you so you can totally customize any salad how you would like it.

U Village Location

Ask for your dressing on the side and take it home to eat! 

New Bellevue Location.

They also featured me on their website, link here



TUESDAY, SEP 6th, 2016

Photo Session with Seattle Photographer Amanda Nour Azarpour

Very happy with how these photos turned out! If you are in the Seattle area and need some family photos, I would highly recommend Amanda! Click the link at the end to get ahold of her.

Thank you Amanda! 


Post Pregnancy Diet and Fitness Goals - 3 Weeks 

It's been a little over 3 weeks since I had my baby boy. I wanted to share my diet and fitness goals, along with a current status update.

During my pregnancy I gained 28 lbs. I had my baby at 37 weeks. I also had a c-section due to my baby being breech. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to work out until I get the okay from my doctor at around 6 weeks postpartum. As of right now I have lost 14 lbs, half of the weight I gained. My goal is to get to my pre pregnancy weight. I wouldn't mind loosing an additional 5 to 10 lbs, but I want to be realistic and I will be happy with losing the 28lbs.

Right now as far as exercise, I am allowed to take walks. I do walk outside when weather permits or I walk on the treadmill in our garage. I walk with my baby in the Moby Wrap.

Diet is a huge focus for me right now. The minute we got home from the hospital I had my husband throw away all the sweets in the house. I am not eating sweets until I reach my goal weight. I am not saying I am giving up all sugar, because realistically sugar is in everything, but we all know the difference between eating dried fruit and skittles. As far as the rest of my "diet", I am eating "healthy". I am breastfeeding so I want to make sure I am getting enough healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, and nuts. The majority of us know how to make healthy eating choices, order a salad with grilled chicken versus a burger and fries. Absolutely no fast food. Pizza has been a hard one for me to say no to. There are some healthy options out there, but I don't really like them. Biggest thing for me is not having junk food in my house, if it's in my pantry I will probably eat it when I am up feeding the baby at 3am.

What am I eating? I can honestly say there are 2 food services that have been a lifesaver for me with a baby, since it isn't easy to plan meals and grocery shop. I think this is where take out dinners get very tempting for most new parents.

HelloFresh! - Promo Code 3CS8WB for $40 off your first box
3 healthy dinners a week. I have done this for about 2 months now and it has been the most amazing thing! I can't tell you how many times I have thought I don't know what I would do without HelloFresh!

Graze - Promo Code SASHAJ5HP for 1st and 5th box free
If you are anything like me, snacks are your weakness. Graze has over a 100 different healthy snack options that get delivered to you weekly to your home or office.

Here is a very easy smoothie recipe that I make daily. You don't have to add protein powder, but I do because I am breastfeeding and need the extra protein. I use a NutriBullet to mix.

1 Banana 
1 Cup of Frozen Berries (or to fill line)
Unsweetened Coconut Milk (to fill line)
1 Large Spoonful of Peanut butter 
1 Spoon of Protein Powder (Garden of Life RAW Organic Protein)

I'm also obsessed with Avocado Toast and eat it just about everyday. 

Dave's Killer Bread
Smashed Avocado (optional: season with garlic salt)
Fried Egg

Leave me a comment if you have any questions! 


SUNDAY, FEB. 22ND, 2015 

Okay guys, I just had an amazing birthday weekend! The last couple years I have gone out of town to celebrate, but this year my wonderful husband booked a room at a hotel right here in Seattle, a little stay-cation! The weather couldn't have been better.  When has it ever been 60 degrees in February in Seattle??? 

I took a few hotel room shots... The W in Seattle is amazing and it just got so much better when we checked-in to our corner suite!

 Instagram: @mintedmethod | Snapchat: mintedmethod 

After leaving the hotel we headed to Pike Place Brewery for some lunch. If you are EVER in the area and you drink beer, you NEED to go to this brewery! I loved the Golden Organic Ale! 

These shots are just for fun... We have a little obsession with our Herschel bags.

Rooftops are my FAVE

Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Leather Jacket: Topshop

Back to the hotel room to catch the sunset, breathtaking right?!

 Insta posts! @mintedmethod

All my gorgeous friends that came out to celebrate with me! (My dress is Zara BTW)


 Zachary at The W was sooooo thoughtful!!! And yes, I ate these at 2AM. :)
 Couldn't miss out on this sunrise! 
I only stayed 1 night at this hotel, but it was flawless! Everything from the staff at check-in to the bar/lounge. Our room was big and this view was unforgettable!

 Sunday was another beautiful sunny day so we made a stop at the Space Needle and EMP before heading home...

More Links...
Leather Jacket: Topshop
Leather Leggings: Hue
Leather Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Made him come out from behind the camera for a minute! 

We just got him this cool Zara jacket.

This polaroid was one of my birthday gifts from my hubby, perfect timing to document the weekend! I don't think it left my hand the entire time. :)

All and all this was a great way to turn 25! 


Supporting a Good Cause

Yesterday I ran a 5k race around Greenlake in Seattle to help support the Bleeding Disorder Foundation of Washington. I was moved by the growing group to help support this foundation and wanted to share with you what it means to have a bleeding disorder. This may never affect you or anyone you know but it is important to know that people are living with this serious condition.  

bleeding disorder is a condition that affects the way your blood normally clots. When you get injured, your blood normally begins to clot to prevent a massive loss of blood. Sometimes the mechanism that causes the blood to clot fails, resulting in rapid or prolonged
As you can imagine this is a condition that affects the way you live your life. I have gone to several events put on by BDFW and have heard many stories from mothers who have children born with a bleeding disorder. Some of these kids grow up not being able to participate in normal activities such as sports for the fear that they might break a leg which  could result in a life threatening injury.
This foundation really has made a difference in so many lives. For more information and how you can help visit

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