Sunday, April 17, 2016

We Started an Online Kids Boutique!

I am very excited to share this new chapter in our lives! After Eli was born I was really thinking hard about what I might be able to do at home and not go back to work. I loved my job before I was pregnant, but quickly started to reevaluate being away from home 10+ hours a day, 5 days a week. I knew I wanted to still pursue my blog, as this is my creative outlet, and wanted to do something involving kids. Then on our first outing to a friend's house with the baby I was talking to friends and one of them mentioned I should start an online boutique. Everyone is shopping online these days and she said I have a good eye for fashion that people would definitely buy from my shop. I started to think long and hard about this... there are so many women's clothing boutiques out there, why would anyone buy from me? About a week later I was shopping for Eli and getting frustrated, I couldn't find what I was looking for. I mean sure there are plenty of cute clothes out there for kids, but I have such a unique style and I want my baby boy to as well! I started to come across kids designer pages on Instagram and then it hit me that I should have a kids boutique! I am not the first to think of this, there are plenty of amazing already established kids shops, but I know there are moms out there who have the same style as me and will want their babes to be on trend!

What will our shop sell? 
Well if you are like me, you love to show off those #ootd on social media! We will carry trending kids designers and you may just get featured on our page or the designers page.  Being featured like this always gets me really excited!

Who are our designers? 
Our designers are not only from the USA, but also from countries around the world, including Australia, The Netherlands, and many more.  Below is what we have for our opening assortment. And we plan to add more in the months to come!

Beau Hudson from Australia. 
(Denim shorts and beanies)

CarlijnQ from The Netherlands

Hugo Loves Tiki from USA
(Grid onesie and leggings)
Jean & June from USA

Little Urban Apparel from USA

Lucky No. 7 from The Netherlands
(Striped pants)
Modern Burlap from USA

This Kid Clothing Co. from Canada

Young One Apparel from USA

I am a huge fan of the monochrome look, but don't worry we have some colorful items as well! Our main focus is to have gender neutral items, but we do have a couple items specific to boys and girls. 

Our shop officially launches April 18th at 9am PST! 


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