Friday, March 27, 2015

Let Me Tell You About StyleSpotter

StyleSpotter is a website and an app for the smart shopper! Everyone loves Pinterest, but it’s so hard to actually buy the items you see. Who knows how long the items have been on there and if they are still in stock anywhere. StyleSpotter has fixed this point of pain! On StyleSpotter you have a profile and collections (like your Pinterest boards), BUT you can buy it right there! This makes me so happy, I can’t tell you how much time I have wasted online or in stores trying to find something I saw on Pinterest. 

Okay, how will StyleSpotter save you money? After you make a profile you will start to follow your favorite brands and people (follow me of course: mintedmethod). You will favorite items you like by clicking the star on the top left corner of the photo. The items you favorite with be saved to your saved products page. Once you have an item saved you will get an email notification once the price drops or the item goes on sale! Brilliant right?!

You can see the price dropped on this vest.

Now you want to personalize your profile and start building collections. Below you can see my collections I have started. What inspires you? It could be work outfits or what you want to buy for your upcoming vacation. You simply add your saved items to your new collections. You can really get creative with this part by adding text boxes and you can even upload your own photo for your collection cover.

Click on a product you like to see similar items…

Filter features! When browsing the product you can filter your search. You can even look for items with a coupon or that are on sale.

Leave me a comment if you have questions. I'm like a pro at this now. :)

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