Friday, October 3, 2014

Exploring Dallas/Fort Worth

We had to make a trip into Fort Worth to see the famous Stock Yards.
 They herd the longhorns down the street twice a day.
 Waiting on the curb to see them!
 There they are! Great selfie opportunity right?!

Right down the street there is a human maze!
They start recording your time once you enter.
 This was so much fun!!!
 You have to search for letters in the maze and hole punch them on the sheet.

We got American flag key chains when we finished the maze.
With it being 95 degrees out I needed a cold drink! $3 margaritas across the street at Habaneros Grill & Cantina on their happy hour menu.
  If you want to visit an old western town this is the place to go!
Top: Milk & Honey Boutique
Shorts: NTYLS
Sandals: Tory Burch
Bag: Halogen
Sunglasses: Valentino
Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth
  We found this place called Reata. It had a roof top bar, I highly recommend this place. The staff was very helpful and friendly.
The view can't get much better for dinner.
Back in Dallas...
The George W. Bush was a history museum that I enjoyed. They had a room dedicated to 9-11 and a replica of the oval office.  
George W. Bush was a Texan Cowboy.
The museum has a temporary exhibit of Oscar de la Renta Five Decades of Style.
 Stunning pieces!

 Back at the Hyatt. Gorgeous weather!
 I had to post about this place, Katy Trail Ice House, a really fun atmosphere right in Dallas. We went to watch the Thursday night football game. There is a huge outdoor seating area with big TVs. MUST GO if you are in Dallas!  

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